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Didymos Wraparound Slings

These high quality wraparound slings from Didymos are made from 100% long fibrous organic cotton. The dyes used are not poisonous, free from any heavy metals and completely non-allergic to the skin. Each sling comes with an instruction booklet and a DVD to help you master sling tying. It's easier than you think, it just takes a bit of practice - like tying your shoe!

The price of the sling is determined by the pattern you choose (Click on the options below to see all the colours and patterns that are available) and the length of sling. The longer slings just give you the option of more carrying positions. ALL the sling lengths are suitable from BIRTH and can last up to 3 YEARS depending on the weight of your child. By then they'll be on their own two feet anyway! The photographs below show some examples of the possible carrying positions depending on the LENGTH of sling you choose. All the positions can be viewed in our resources section. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us
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Didymos Wraparound Sling - Coloured Stripes
From £65.00
Didymos Wraparound Sling - Fine Jacquard Patterns
From £69.00
Didymos Wraparound Sling - Indio Patterns (Jacquard)
From £72.00
Didymos Wraparound Sling - Standard Patterns
From £45.00
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