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Flushable liners - pack of 100

Flushable liners - pack of 100
New Spunlace liner – Part of Tots Bots ongoing quest to find the softest products for baby and the very latest thing in bio-degradable liners.

1. Convenient – 100% bio-degradable, simply flush down the loo.

2. Comfortable – silky soft next to your baby's skin. These new liners are made from 100% cellulose fibres. They have been hydro spun (spun with water jets) without the use of the chemical bonding agents associated with standard paper liners.

These new liners from Tots Bots are made from cellulose fibres – viscose and TENCEL. Cellulose is the natural polymer that forms part of the living cells of all vegetation. It is the most abundant and renewable biopolymer on Earth. Unlike synthetic fibres, man made cellulosic fibers are completely biodegradable and can be recycled, incinerated, land filled or digested in sewage. They originate from the earth and return to the earth in the end...
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