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Organic Shaped Nappy (Cotton Terry)

Organic Shaped Nappy (Cotton Terry)
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Imse Vimse shaped terry nappies are made of 100% organic cotton inspected by Skal. The nappy is an excellent fit with soft, elasticated leg cuffs. The one-size nappy can be used from birth to potty - its size can be adjusted simply by folding. For very small babies you may want to use the Newborn size in the beginning. The nappies also have a sewn-in insert for greater absorption. This is a highly absorbent nappy and is excellent for use at night-time.

Use a nappy wrap over the nappy to keep your baby dry. These nappies do not need to be secured by a nappy nippa - the wrap will hold them in place. We recommend that you use an Imse Vimse wrap to get the best fit although most wraps will work fine.

Please click on the image below for a labelled diagram showing how to use the nappy.

Wash at 60-90 degrees. Do NOT use fabric softener.

These nappies dry in 8 hours when hung up after washing, which is good if you do not have a tumble-dryer.
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