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Do you love the weaves and colours of the DIDYMOS wraparound slings? Then you will appreciate the DidySlings made from the same fabric offering all the benefits that DIDYMOS weaving technique does - supportivness, diagonal stretch, durability and high quality organic cotton.

While not as versatile as the wraparound sling, the Didysling is very convenient and easy to use. You can carry your child on your back, on your hip or in front of you.

Newborns like being carried in the cradle position and toddlers find the hip or back carry very comfortable when they get tired of walking themselves!


If you wear a UK dress size of 16 or under we recommend a size 1 sling. If you wear a larger size, go for the size 2. To check sizing, measure diagonally from your shoulder to your opposite waist height and back to your shoulder - the way you will be wearing the sling. If you measure 125cms or less choose a size 1 sling, otherwise choose a size 2.

PLEASE NOTE: If you would like a pattern available in the wraparound sling that is not shown below, please contact us and we will check availability with the manufacturers.
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