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Booby Tubes

Booby Tubes
Booby Tubes are a safe, gel-free breast pack designed especially to help ease the common discomforts experienced by nursing mamas.

Store Booby Tubes in the freezer and wear them inside your bra between feedings to help:

  • reduce the swelling and tenderness of engorgement

  • comfort breasts during weaning

About 5 minutes before each feeding, warm them in the microwave for approximately 20-40 seconds. When heated, Booby Tubes safely deliver warm moist heat to tender, engorged breasts to:

  • encourage milk flow

  • maintain open milk ducts to prevent clogged ducts

  • encourage "let-down"

  • aid in the healing of infection or mastitis

  • gel-free construction reduces the risk of burns to tender, engorged breasts

These reusable gel-free packs are now made with a 100% organic cotton shell and filled with all-natural flax seed.

Made in the USA in a fair trade factory.
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